Important Travel Items for the Car #gemstars

There are many people who keep nothing useful in their cars in case of emergency.
This is a list that is of recommended items to keep in the car or vehicle as you travel.
One day these Items could even save a life!

The List:

Spare tire with a tire jack
A good set of jumper cables
The manual to your car or vehicle
Tire pressure gauge
Duct tape as its good for many purposes
Well stocked first aid kit
Flash light
Matches or lighter
Bottled water
Nutritional food like energy bars
Weather radio
Ice scraper if its winter
Wet wipes or paper towels for cleaning up
Toilet paper

There are many other items that could be added to the list. The main thing with venturing out on a long trip is to make sure you are properly prepared just in case
and hopefully never, there is an emergency.
Being stuck overnight in the winter could be fatal but keeping a candle lit in the car can really warm up the temperature, and save your life.
Travel safely and plan ahead for the best adventures in life.