Reasons why nutrition and fitness go together #gemstars

It is our belief that nutrition and fitness go together for overall best health.
Choosing to Cook your own food is a healthy alternative from always eating fast or prepared foods.
One of the best ways to start on the path to better health, is to learn how to prepare your own food at home.
Select foods that are in their raw state, for example, carrots, corn, lettuce, flour, sugar, spices, meats, beans, etc…
Develop your skill level for cooking food by using only raw ingredients or as often called, ‘cooking from scratch’.

Foods to store on the shelf

Frequently preparing your own food at home, can quickly develop your skill level as a cook.
Use recipes and follow the instructions carefully. There are many online recipe web spaces that will share their best recipes with you.
Once you master the art of cooking from raw ingredients you can also start sharing with friends or family.
Sharing a meal with people is a great way to entertain and socialize.
When you prepare your own meals you will need to go out and shop for the foods you require.
Walking and observing the types of fresh produce available to you in your community is a great exercise.
Creating a small garden like a window box garden for fresh herbs, or a small vegetable garden in your yard or greenhouse can enhance
your food resources.
Gardening is a wonderful exercise and fun hobby, even if just a few herbs in a pot, it is nice to have fresh edible plants.


Learning how to cook can save you money and help keep you healthy.
Discover what ingredients go best together by exploring your culinary skills in your own kitchen.
Cook for someone special or a new friend and enjoy the benefits of increasing both your social and cooking skills at the same time.
Take a walk when you go to the local market for ingredients to increase your exercise routine.
Go the extra mile and plant fresh herbs or produce and begin to learn how to garden.
We suggest, that if possible, always Eat healthy and exercise for a happier life style year round.