The visual evolution of tech gadgets #gemstars

With all of the newest, coolest and latest gadgets available on the technological market today, finding a screen large enough to see can be a challenge for many people.

Smart phones seem to be developing into even smaller sizes, leaving a portion of society challenged to see or use worn fingers to touch what is on a smaller screen. Holding a small pen, equally as challenging.
There is a younger generation combined with an older pre-computer generation that is merging together into the future of technology.
As technology continues to evolve, devices with a large viewing area will be needed by many people who have difficulty seeing smaller view screens.
Traditional or older style gadgets and devices could become a demand by desktop users and may work best for those with difficulty using smaller devices. It is not just about the size of the font, it is also about the ability to press the buttons.
Individuals whose fingers are no longer able to press tiny buttons on a smart phone will find it easier to remain with their personal computer at home or the office.
These older style Systems provide larger screens for viewing, and a keyboard for easier visibility and functionality.
Smaller gadgets may trend today but a place for the personal PC, laptop and larger screened gadgets may always be demand.