Home Tech revolution of Tiny Homes #gemstars

Over the past couple of years, I have noticed an increase in the concepts surrounding Tiny or Smaller homes that are less than 300 square feet, more or less.
They are created out of all forms of materials and seem to be movable to almost any location.
Is the new little home now a part of a developing tech revolution?
I often think, if the tiny or small movable home is totally self sustaining and ‘off the grid’ there could be significant changes to where and how we all live.
From my recent studies, it would appear that the only down side to a small movable home is location.
There are many new avenues that appear to be opening up for those wanting to create their home on wheels.
RV parks and some farming areas are now considering leasing lands to the tiny home owner.
Still there did seem to be a lack of business development for those who want to create their own home.
Not everyone who can afford to make a nice looking movable tiny home will be able to purchase the land to place it on.
However, in future more and more land will most likely be made available for lease.
If land owners who are in the leasing business could look down the road a little way and consider the positive impact and benefits of leasing spaces to tiny home owners, they might find some unrealized revenue opportunities.
If you could build your dream home on wheels and create it to be self sustainable, would you?
Think of the opportunities that would be made available to you if you were able to do so.
Save money, reduce your carbon footprint, live in an environment of your choosing, developing new relationships with in tiny home communities.
Overall, it seems like the tiny or smaller dwellings that are movable or even if permanent and left in their spaces are just a great idea.
Downsizing is a freeing experience, it offers you the chance to lighten your load and discover an entirely different way of living life.