Important Facts about Coconut Oil #gemstars

Important Facts about Coconut Oil that you will want to know!
Coconut oil or copra oil is an edible oil that is used for many purposes. This is a brief bit of information that you may find very interesting!
Coconut Oil is also great when heated and added to popcorn in place of butter. A bit of salt with the oil makes for a sweet and delicious treat!

It is not always a great idea to consume a lot of coconut oil, but it is an edible oil and has been used in a variety of food products.
The main part of the coconut called the meat is where the oil is extracted from. But the process is a little tricky and only mature coconuts are used for the oil.
Due to coconut oil having a high amount of saturated fats it is a slow oxidizer which means it is long lasting and resistant to spoiling quickly.
The harvesting of the coconut is very important, it is not an easy process and requires skill to get the oil at just the right time. Poorly harvested oil can result in poor quality products. This oil has been popular for a very long time and makes up for 2.5% of the world's vegetable oil products!
You can even use coconut oil to make soap!

This is a great food item that is amazing to use for creative ideas.

Soap making is an art form and using good quality coconut oil to create soap with is important.

An amazing oil to use for creating and eating!