Oils to use for cleaners and stress relievers! #gemstars

There are Eco friendly alternatives for cleaning your home, that you can use. If you are looking to avoid the problems that come with some chemicals used in cleaning products. Lemons are powerful for uses as a type of antiseptic which works for a cleaning product for the home.  It is supposed to help remove viruses and bacteria on counter tops, bathrooms and floors.The smell is very refreshing.
Another really great oil to use is Orange oil. It is supposed to be very helpful in removing grease, which works well in the kitchen.  Use it on windows and mirrors to help them shine.
Another good oil for the house is Rosemary, which some people use as a dish cleaner. It is a nice scent and can also be used for laundry detergent.
Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Thyme oils have also been known to make great cleaners in the household.
Using Oils for relieving stress is also a great idea. Aromatherapy has been known to really help brighten the day.  Orange Oil is supposed to be best to use to help relieve stress.  Inhaling or sniffing the orange oil will apparently help to lessen the moment of stress.  Some have used it just prior to a stressful situation and found it very calming and useful.