Setting aside the screens and communicating #gemstars

Its not much of a surprise to notice that when people are gathering, it throws off the entire visit if their attention is on a screen.
Phones, TVs, Tablets, Laptops, all of these interfere with the ability for people to communicate in person. 
If you try setting aside the screens, it is a little odd at first, but your communication skills will improve, and so will your relationships. 
Family gatherings over holidays and events are a great time to start encouraging verbal talking instead of sharing air space while everyone plays games on their smartphone. 
Put down the screens and turn off the TV and Computer, look each other in the eye, and listen to what you each have to say. 
This can be a major benefit for so many areas of life, as communicating is how we interact and connect for different projects and solutions.
Working together as friends, family and partners is how things are accomplished. Communication is more than just a great email or text sent to someone, its also important to share physical time with each other as well.  When you do, making it a priority to listen and 'see' each other, can be a gift that might be overlooked.