Thinking Outside of the Box

Einstein once said we can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them, at least that is how I see his words. If we constantly repeat the very same attempt to create change, this will lead to basically the same result, over and over again.
When you are making changes in life, take into consideration how you actually create your changes. Do you go backwards to what is most comfortable to you, subconsciously, we often revert to our older ways of doing things, and get disappointed when there is no or little change.
In order to make a change happen, try doing something in a completely different way, one you have not tried before. Think outside of the box that you normally place your thoughts into, find another way of creating a solution.
Give it a fair chance to see if your results are different or enhanced. This can work in many areas of life, from fitness and weight loss to business concepts and investments. The new way of doing things can also work well when trying to meet new people and develop new relationships.
Taking a new approach to your goals can make all the difference you need on your path way toward success, no matter what your goal is.