Tips on How to make your Twitter account happy :)

I meet a lot of people who say, yes, I tried twitter but
it just didn't work for me.

My response is usually, oh really? Can I take a look at what you have
going on there?

Unfortunately, I often find that their account has absolutely nothing going on.
They have gained only a few followers and posted just a couple of tweets, maybe a pic or two.
After that the timeline seems to be flat, sitting there with no interaction, content, images or even a hello.

A happy twitter account needs a little love and attention.
Twitter Followers and Friends that follow your account want to see what you have
going on in life or business.
They look forward to seeing your favorite images, blogs, information and
other topics that you found interesting and worth sharing.
It is also a nice aspect to have you personally interact with them,
take the time to talk with them and connect.
Although this can be a little odd at first, after awhile you will be amazed at the connections you have made.

If you are using Twitter for  business connections, be informative and interesting sharing content
that helps others to understand your business.

Add images to your twitter account and link to your blog posts, bring people into your business
world from twitter, and from your business world into your twitter.
This is a great way to stay connected with smaller groups in local communities.

Content is the king as they say, and what you are sharing really makes an impression on
your followers.
Keep your content positive and avoid negatives, focus on topics of interests, and relativity
to your business or life.
Ask yourself if you find yourself boring to read? If so, rewrite your posts so others will
find you more interesting. Try to see how you appear from another person's perspective.

If you are looking to increase your twitter followers, it is much easier to be a friend first
than to expect someone to be your friend.  Try to reach out to the public and find more followers
to interact with on a daily and weekly basis.

Additional followers add up and the larger you make your web presence the larger
your voice will reach.

Keep your images clear, sharing images that you find fascinating, may also be
amazing to someone who follows you.
Don't be afraid to share about the world around you, let others see what you love and enjoy.

To make your twitter account happy, be yourself and interact frequently with your followers.

Interaction, Content and You, these are the 3 key areas that I have found, work best
for a happy twitter account.