Moving past your comfort zone when making choices

Moving past your comfort zone isn't an easy process, but it is very doable.
Life is full of events that we go through, sometimes they leave us shy of trying new things.
Its not easy to make a deliberate choice for yourself and follow it through.
Focus and willful effort along with dedication make things happen.
Keep a positive attitude along with honesty when dealing with yourself.
If you have been down on you, its time to stop and realize that you were created exactly as you were supposed to be.
You have the ability to make changes to enhance your life.
Stepping outside of your comfort zone is difficult at times but really worth the effort.
Sometimes trying a new idea for change is a bit uneasy at first, but this passes quickly as confidence in your decision builds with the new experience and knowledge gained.
Think about what is the best option for  yourself  to reach your goals.
Honestly set your goals as there is no point in being dishonest with yourself. 
Apply the best options as you take the actions required that set the process in motion for your goals to be met.
Focus on all the good that surrounds you.
Embrace the positives that are often overlooked. 
Thinking you can takes you half of the way toward your goals, taking action is how you reach them. Make a new choice if what you are doing in the past has not worked.
Overcome the fear of the unknown by taking action and implementing your new choices.
Recognize your success and realize that you can move past your comfort zone when making choices for yourself in life.