Green Canyon abstract landscape oil painting

Green Canyon abstract landscape oil painting was painted on a stretched canvas in 2018 by @Gemstars
The painting is of a rocky terrain with green hues through out its interior and surroundings.  Butterflies float along with ease to the yellow dandelion flowers. Natural pathways set in stone by mother nature, dark trees that once were green stand as onlookers to the new growth of grass and flowers.
The canyon itself is deep and far enough away that it can not be crossed. The other side of the canyon is not as welcoming, it is an endless forest of various trees both living and not.
The slope is rocky and it would take a lot of careful planning and climbing to make it to the other side.
The pathway coming up from the canyon toward the yellow dandelions is open, and welcoming, but not an easy place to reach.
This is an abstract painting of bold green colors, yellows and hings of red and blue, painted with oil paints on a canvas, and is a positive and peaceful painting to view.