Wall Flower Drips watercolor painting

Wall Flower Drips is a watercolor painting created in 1998 on heavy paper. 
I still have this piece and it is one of my favorites.  
The flowers are upside down, as was my life at the time, lol. 
The walls represented many blocks and choices I had to face. 
The drips were tears that reflected on the emotions felt during the moment I painted the painting.  
It is a unique piece, small but reflective.  
The blue and red flowers represented the choices ahead.
 The purple flower, standing strong in the middle, represented the future positive outcomes.
Purple being the perfect blend of red and blue, also representing the outcome of taking new steps.
As I took new steps in my life at that time, the walls and challenges I had surrounding me began to fade away, and I stopped painting walls in my paintings :)
Life has and always will be a blend of choices we all make. 
This is a painting that was created during one of my moments where I had many choices to make. Thank you for taking the time to view this piece.