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Over the past 12 years my social media networks have grown into the millions.  They are all based on twitter as I found being an independent artist, there was only enough time in the day to keep up with one platform. After years of testing a variety of social media platforms, I found the best location for my networks was on twitter. In 2009 I closed my networks around the web and asked them to join me on twitter, and that is exactly what they did.  My followers have been with me for a very long time and enjoy reading articles, information and they especially love art, music and books.  For this reason, I have decided to share the amazing talents of other Artisans with my Twitter Networks.  I believe through exposure and genuine sharing, Artists have a stronger chance of developing connections with those who appreciate and enjoy Art.


Since 1999 I have held online Art Exhibits, offered individual Promotions and assisted with Sales and exposure of other Artists work.  Offline I have also held numerous Art Exhibitions for local Artistic talent, Art related fund raisers and community events.


Through the use of sharing to large social media networks, the level of exposure for emerging Artists is very beneficial.  Manual connections and daily interaction can help increase success in developing your Art Business.


Everyday my artwork is viewed by thousands of people from around the globe. It is better than hanging on a gallery wall collecting dust where no one sees it.  Connecting to people online is about the most natural way an Artist can create success.  It is my goal to help you find the success you are looking for.

I have experience and proven success

Twitter Artist from January 2008 – Present Gemstar Visual Artist in British Columbia, Canada. Sharing my work with others from around the globe.
In January 1999  until January 2003 I began a small business assisting Visual Artists from around the world with a variety of online exhibits and promotions.  Several of these lead to inclusions of offline exhibits that were locally held and connections to new buyers and investors globally.
In January 2000 in British Columbia, Canada, I served as co-founder of The Artist's Group, a large support group for local Artists.  This developed into monthly exhibitions, sales and local events that held strong for several years. The group became a solid organization with members who became long term friends. It has always been my goal to increase local and global awareness for other Artists.  I have had success in promoting other Artists and it would be my pleasure to help you.

My Unique Strategy

Task:  To create awareness and promote Your emerging works of Art to a global Network.

Action: Sharing Your creations of Art, Music or Literary works with my large Twitter Networks

Result: Increased exposure and new connections for you to help build your Art Business.

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Make Payment Fee is $15 per Artist Promotion. Only content that is relative to Preforming, Literary or Visual Arts is accepted. *No Porn, hate, politics, or negative messages

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Thank You, publication will be asap! Your Link will appear on my @Artwiz Twitter Network timeline. Please check there for verification of publication. An additional copy should also appear in your own timeline. Promotion in the timeline is for 7 days. After which it will be removed unless otherwise arranged. Retweets are Free! Looking forward to seeing your creations! :)